Voter Services

Voter Services

November 2020 Election update


Ballot measures/initiative and referendum are published online regularly by the California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla.

We register voters.....

Marge and Voter Registration           Voter registration fun with Marge!

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We do voter education for your club, church or association...

 Let us know if your group would like information on  voterservices [at] (voter education)voterservices [at] (voter registration) or advocacy [at] (ranked-choice voting)

We meet with you virtually....

May 17, 2020, our Voter Services Team met virtually with Girl Scout Troop 1386 in Sacramento for their “Behind the Ballot Badge”. This badge was developed in 2011 to teach young women about elections and voting.  Marge discussed with the Girl Scouts interesting information about the history of voting, what the LWV does, the importance of voting, how to register/pre-register to vote, ways we vote in California, what happens the ballot after it is mailed, and how the troop can help with pre-registering high school students.

AND we connected the Girl Scout with the needs of the Sacramento County Registrar’s Office, Language Accessibility Advisory Committee.  There is a need for a poster for low propensity voters messaging.  The message should be in English, and the Registrar’s Office can translate the message in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hmong, Korean, Punjabi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Laotian, Mien, Telegu or Urdu.  The primary message is “Vote at Home, Vote by Mail”.   

Maybe we can connect with your community!  Just voterservices [at] (let us know) - it is easy Smile emoji

We assist with your own voting process....

Since 2006, we have helped private organisations such as homeowner's assoriactons with their elections.  We conduct the election, collect the ballots and report the results. The LWV can be a neutral party and act as "Inspector of Elections" retaining custody and counting ballots.   lwvs [at] (Contact us) to learn more.